“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” Book Review

burn the fat feed the muscle book review

Let’s admit it; everyone adores body fitness and a great shape. While there are many articles, guide books and online programs to help shed that extra pound, most of these are constructed around dietary plans to achieve this. However, Tom Venuto an author and fitness trainer has brought revolution to the whole weight loss game plan. His book, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle,” which has also been nicknamed “the bible of fat loss” has emerged a bestseller captivating the attention of over 300,000 testers and readers globally. It sells in an e-book format on the internet and has been on the market for over ten years now.

So, what is unique about this book?

1. It focuses on body building rather than just weight loss

Most fitness programs accentuate on losing weight through a dietary plan only. Albeit, this may be effective, following a wrong diet may eventually lose the muscles alongside fat. This book focuses on the four elements that will gradually transform the body, protecting and improving its core strength points while obliterating fat completely. They include Nutrition which aids the body in growing leaner and healthier, Resistance Training to toughen muscles, Cardio Training to ensure smooth blood flow to the muscles to supply them with nutrients and lastly Mental Training to prepare the mind psychologically for weight loss.

2. The training is guaranteed to work

The training tips are all-inclusive for all groups of people. Regardless of age, shape, skin tone or weight, the training will successfully attain objectives of a serious goal-oriented participator. For beginners, a quick start primer workout is included which covers basic exercises using little or no equipment whatsoever. A four-week training plan, easier to follow, comes next focusing on not just losing weight but also changing your lifestyle. What’s catchy here is that the guide ensures your body gets healthier, stronger and leaner naturally with minimal pressure on it to achieve the much-anticipated changes.

3. It combines science with experience

The book contains an up to date research on the best practices the trainer has tested and approved to be appropriate. Tips outlined are based on personal experiences rather than purely science theories. They are that of a professional who works with people than of just a researcher who presents his viewpoints. The writer is quick to dismiss fat burning products as lacking scientific evidence to corroborate their efficacy. He clearly understands that fitness comes without shortcuts and that one has to work their way hard through it to achieve their goal.

4. It focuses on pushing your limit further

The author is attentive on the notions and attitudes trainees have on a fitness program. While some will set their workout limits within their capabilities, others will quickly dismiss their ability and instead work retrogressively with the belief that they are incapable of keeping fit. He emphasizes on forcing the body to cope by feeding it properly. It is the groundwork for losing weight and gaining strength instantaneously.

The book is written comprehensively and will vividly change the appearance of any loyal audience. Nonetheless, if you are the type that is comfy about your weight, this might as well be a statistical metric to chase after your progress.

My Rating: (4.5/5) Check Price on Amazon