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Yellowpants Mandate List

Mere days after the release of the Emergency Bathroom Break Requisition form, The Computer’s loyal servants in the Central Processing Unit service group — specifically WJ MacGuffin, author of PARANOIA novel Y1 Traitor Hangout — has compiled a comprehensive Yellowpants Mandate List (.PDF link). Commendation point, WJ!

Fans of CPU efficiency auditor Clarence-Y will appreciate this comprehensive .PDF list of all Alpha Complex mandates mentioned in the “Yellowpants” stories (including both Traitor Hangout and the “Hay Fever” novelette in A1 The Computer is Your Friend). This free seven-page document also includes sidebars with a handy primer on the PARANOIA setting. Present this list to prospective citizens of Alpha Complex to guarantee proper behavior on arrival. This version 1.0 of the Yellowpants Mandate List is dated February 28, 2012; CPU workers will update the list as new Clarence-Y stories appear.

The Yellowpants Mandate List, the Bathroom Break form, and preview samples of all our novels are available on our free Ultraviolet Books downloads page.

Emergency Bathroom Break Requisition

Emergency Bathroom Break Requisition formFor all your unscheduled urgent on-the-job sanitary needs, The Computer’s loyal servants in Technical Services have made available this free Emergency Bathroom Break Requisition Form TS-2952-445, as seen in the Ultraviolet Books PARANOIA novel T1 Stay Alert, the short story “Rule Zero” (in the promotional anthology A1 The Computer is Your Friend), and doubtless many immortal works still ahead. Download this free form, distribute it to all your workers of YELLOW Clearance and below, and start enforcing mandatory hygienic responsibility!

Thanks to loyal citizen WJ MacGuffin, author of PARANOIA novel Y1 Traitor Hangout, for his fine formification.

Reality Optional – the reviewers cheer

Reality Optional by Gareth Hanrahan

PARANOIA S1 "Reality Optional" by Gareth Hanrahan

Gareth Hanrahan’s PARANOIA novel Reality Optional has so far earned the best reviews on Amazon of all the Ultraviolet Books PARANOIA releases. On Amazon’s US site, Reality Optional now has 12 reviews; six are 5-star, five are 4-star, and one is 3-star. On the Amazon UK site, the book has three additional reviews; two are 5-star and one is 4-star. Commendation point, Gareth!

The latest review, from the enigmatically named “me,” is quite fine:

A well-paced page-turner, if that’s something people say about e-books… I’ve been a fan of the game for ages but have rarely had the opportunity to play, and this book pulls off both what I hoped what the game would be — a fast-paced adventure with mind-bending challenges and eventual brilliant success — and what playing with a good group turned out to be — a backstabbing, conniving inter- and intra-group betrayal-fest with no hope of success or indeed of anything ever really changing. (And no, neither of those spoils the ending. Or if they do, I trust you will make me pay dearly.)

If William Gibson had had an accident destroying half of his brain after he wrote Neuromancer, received a transplant of Terry Pratchett’s extra lobe, then collaborated with Neil Gaiman, this book could have been the result.

Another commendation point for, uh, “me.” In fact, commendation points for all the reviewers of the Ultraviolet Books PARANOIA novels! The Computer is in a generous mood.

Free .PDF preview chapters

PARANOIA Y1 Traitor Hangout by WJ MacGuffin

Click here for a free .PDF preview of PARANOIA Y1 Traitor Hangout by WJ MacGuffin

Citizens! On the Downloads page we now have free previews (in .PDF) of the opening chapters from each of the three new PARANOIA novels from Ultraviolet Books:

Kindle- and ePub-format previews are still ahead. Remain vigilant!

Signs & Portents 88

There’s a new PARANOIA article in this month’s Signs & Portents magazine, covering the rather topical issue of passenger scanners at airports and intrusive searches. Oh, and rubber gloves.

(The Onion article referenced in the mission is here, by the way.)

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